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January 9th, 2012, 03:05
A few additional musings :

- I meant I could perhaps help out when Corwin is back. Or something like that. Because he might be behind everyone else in terms of char levels.

- I finished the Catacombs today. I'll redo them at harder difficulties, to get more Silver Flame favour.

- Regarding the Silver Flame, I played today that "Purge the Heretics" quest given by one Inquisitor Gnomon at the Bogwater Tavern. Not THAT was a nasty learning lesson ! - A learning lesson in ethics and in morality, that is …

- I was thinking of adding 1 or 2 classes of a magic-user to my Ranger. I'm not sure which one, though, and whether it makes much sense at all. It could help, I thought, because it would give more spell availabilities, and the use of scrolls etc. would be perhaps easier …

- I think I'll start a new thread : Which class is better ? The Sorcerer or the Wizard ? Because I often have problems in telling the differences of both …

- And another question I wonder about is in how far multiclassing really brings benefits ? I wonder because that's one of the points I never really understood about (A)D&D … The only thing I understand about Multiclassing is, that the additional class gives the character the availability of talents which only this class has - if I understood this correctly …
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