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January 9th, 2012, 04:09
Two rules when Multi-classing:

1 - Have a plan from the start.

2 - Don't multi-class casters.

Divines can somewhat Multi, but they are more powerful pure. Especially Favored Souls; they lose a ton going one or two levels into another class. Clerics can more easily drop 2 levels, but they give up a good bit of power.

Wizard has great synergy with Rogue, but that's the main exception to the #2 rule. Even then, Wizards lose a lot of power by doing so.

Extremely experienced characters can make a Sorc melee build work (see Tukaw) but it's not something a new player should attempt.

Rangers are actually one of the friendliest classes to Multiclass, but still, you need to plan things out from the start. Otherwise, you quickly end up with an unplayable mess.
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