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January 9th, 2012, 10:50
Originally Posted by Menigal View Post
To me that's just bad game design/lazy padding. If I ever have to stop playing, either by dying, having to do something, or running into a game-stopping bug, and later replay a lengthy section of the game soley because of a ludicrous save system, then I usually stop playing the game. I know this, so if I if know a game has a system like this, I generally don't spend my money on it.

If someone thinks a game is "too easy" or "too short" if they can save whenever they feel like it, then they can restrict their saves however they want. My time's too valuable to me to play through the same 10 minutes of game again because I died or had to go help my wife with something, though.
I know it sounds annoying as hell, but it really works for Hard Reset. It sort of hearkens back to those 8-bit NES games we grew up playing in the 1980s.
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