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January 9th, 2012, 13:27
This was just the graphics and sound patch. You should wait till they release the second "gameplay experience" patch. It has tons of new content:
Djangos Dialogue
Persuasion response expansion
Less Generic Bloodmoon
Less Generic Tribunal
Nudity Greeting Expansion
Quick NOTE: LGNPC won't be included because of its complexity. (Not sure about that, because I got all the permissions, but I'll see)

Interacion with NPCs:OK
NPC Functionality

Beginning of the game:OK
Nerevar say Nerevar (Optional, a good idea is to use it with NoM or Morrowind Crafting)
Immersive chargen (Optional)

Character Development:OK
Galsiah's Character Development (Optional)
Training Limits

Vital Activities:OK
Morrowind Crafting (Optional)
Necessities of Morrowind (Optional)

NONE yet.
NOTE: I had Julan in the list, but the author doesn't want it to be included.

Service requirements (BTB Edit)
Antares’ Big Mod (+ Go To Jail + You’re Being Robbed)
Strict Factions
What Thieves guild?
Nastier Camonna Tong
To serve Sithis
War against Dark Brotherhood
Rise of House Telvanni
Uvirith's Legacy
Building up Uvirith's Legacy
Grandmaster of Hlaalu
Welcome to the Arena!

Main Quest Expansion:
Great House Dagoth
The tribe unmourned
Vivec's fate: The Ashlander heresy
Antares' Tribunal Main quest (Optional)
Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins (+ Great House Dagoth Patch)

Cait's Critters Unleashed (Optional)
Cait's Squirrels (Optional)
Abot where are all birds going?
Abot water life (Optional)
Cait's Cats (Optional)
Morrowind advanced (BTB Edit)
CreaturesX (Optional)
Antares' Creatures
Undeads - Skeletons arise from death - Mummies arise from death
Real wildlife

NPC/PC Animations/Activities:
Children of Morrowind (Optional)
Hold it
Animated Morrowind (+expanded) (Optional)
Animated Morrowind 2 (Optional)
Traveling merchants
Animation compilation (Optional)
Living cities of Vvardenfell (Optional)

Homes To Let

Starfire NPC Additions (Optional)

DaveHumprey's Furniture Store
Armor Mannequin
Scissors and Thimbles (Optional)
Hilgya the seamstress (Optional)
POTD paintings
Morrowind Toy Shoppee (Optional)

Weapons And Armors:
Duke Silver Armor
Imperial Silver Armor
Morag Tong Armor
Dragonscale Armor
Netch Leather Resource
Imperial Chain Armor Resource
Dreugh Armor Set Resource
Nordic Trollbone Armor Resource
HELLUVA Awesome Armor (Completion Set Only, and some armors deleted)

Helluva Bountiful Books
Books of Vvardenfell
Oblivion and LGNPC Books

All destinations (Optional)
Economy Adjuster (BTB Edit, just some parts: largely replaced by BTB Game Improvements)
Abot's Boats
Abot's Gondoliers
Abot's Silt Striders

Redesigned Locations:
More detailed places
Museum of artifacts improved
Dockside clutter
Fort Frostmoth expanded
Imperial Graves of Morrowind
I'm testing right now the Trancemaster's new cities, probably I will have to do some compatibility patches for them.

The Neverhalls
The Forgotten halls

Game Corrections:
Murderous dreams
Decorator (Optional)
Antares' little mods

Holiday mod (Optional)
The Raven
NazoX9's guards
Puzzly Puzzle canal

Game Balance:
BTB's Game Improvements
Taddeus' Balanced Weapons

Gameplay Balance:
Health fix
Tempus fugit ring (Optional)
Faster (Optional)
Lockpick slave bracers

Fighting System:
There will be two fighting systems: Action and Non-Action. We are experimenting them, so I can't post them now.

Sneaking realism
Kirel's sneak attack
Alchemical warfare
Thief's disguise kit (Maybe)

Graphic herbalism
At Home Alchemy
Scripted Spells
Elemental magicka

NPC Enhanced + MWSE Patch
Pursuit Enhanced

I modded morrowind personally few years back and I recognice many of those mods. I was never able to make that many mods work together though.
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