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January 9th, 2012, 22:13
Hardcore gamers enjoy games that are

1) interesting
2) fun
3) challenging
4) ergonomic
5) inventive
6) surprising
7) intelligent
8) bug-free
9) resourceful
10) have choices with consequences

Special case crpg:

For cooking a crpg you need:

00) making choices with consequences, perhaps complex moral choices
01) character development / many stats with an impact on the game
02) finding / buying / selling lots of different equipment (unique items, rare items)
03) a good nonlinear story - interesting main quest
04) great challenging dungeons / locked doors / chests / traps
05) riddles / hard too find secrets, items / mysteries
06) lots of fun, humor
07) cool spells
08) lots of conversation, conversation options to solve quests and avoid combat
09) (round based) interesting challenging combat with many options
10) memorable interesting NPCs with a background
11) NPCs with a schedule
12) fantasy world with conflicts to solve
13) different races (groups, guilds) with various occupations
14) chance of winning prizes, medals, houses, ranks …
15) deadly cool arch-enemies
16) making weapons and spells
17) many (not necessary) side-quests
18) much world interaction / manipulation / interactive surroundings
19) eastereggs
20) free world, setting borders with harder to beat enemies and hard to find items (keys), only.
21) good (non breakable) economy model
22) many different groups with different goals -> choose your friends and enemies
23) for party crpgs: interesting (funny) dialogs with your (intelligent) partners
24) surprises and twists, more than one story path
25) …Scantly clad vixens
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