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January 10th, 2012, 04:20
Interestingly enough, Dte's low-level arcane still has more hp than Corwin's Ranger.

The accepted power-gamer's method of leveling a lowbie Mage up with the spell Master's Touch, and a big two-handed weapon. I did so without issue on Aerii's second life, though it gets rough by the time you hit 7-8 and can ditch the melee entirely.

At 7-8, depending on Wizard or Sorcerer, you start getting into level 4 spells and the awesomeness of Wall of Fire, Acid Rain, and Ice Storm. They will serve you well the rest of the game. I farm epics using WoF and Ice Storm on Aerii. And have ran using Acid Rain as well.

Those three spells are persistent AoE damage effects. Fire one off, and kite a big group of critters through it over and over. Soon they are dead, and you move to the next group.

I recommend Wizard over Sorcerer, myself. Sorcerer costs either real money (Dragon's Blood, but you can swap freely) or plat (1 every 3 days) to swap spells. Wizard, just go to a tavern. Wizards also are capable of being built to wipe whole hordes out with a single spell; Sorcerers will not likely be able to do that in the end-game without a LOT of gear, past lives, sacrificing a Honda Civic, and so forth. They can also stop an entire horde in their tracks just as easily.


Sorcerer = Nuclear Holocaust - massive damage, but difficult to do anything else.
Wizard = The Black Death - They don't have quite the damage, but can do anything.

In other news, Mirys soloed Elite Delera's part 3 in under 15 minutes. Fireflash is now 7 (5/1/1) and can even heal to an extent now.
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