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January 10th, 2012, 10:05
2 million and also getting the rights to FO1/2 etc isn't a settlement, it's painal. Then again Beth also bought the rights to say whatever they want about the settlement without Interplay being able to confirm or deny it, they might have paid a lot more in reality.

The legal back&forth seemed to have been going in Interplay's favor most of the way, if Bethesda really won like this then either Interplay ran out of money to keep fighting the legal battle and fund that pretense of an mmo or Bethesda got some dirt on Herve and blackmailed him into accepting this rape of a settlement (one of Zenimax's bosses has a sordid history in this kind of thing- how hard can it be to bait a moustachioed frenchman with an underage prostitute?).
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