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January 10th, 2012, 13:45
I've been browsing through the forums, and in the few discussions I looked into no-one recommended a Drow as a magic user. Most agree on Drow Paladins or even Rangers.

I say this because having 400 of general favour I'm of course interested in playing a Drow.

But in the end - I'll go after the class which is able to provide me the most fun.
I'm playing for fun, not for farming or for work.

(Although farming might come in at one point - for crafting, for example.)

And Wizards - yes, how easily they can swap spells is a definitive plus for me.
If i had a voice at Turbine, then I'd request high-level quests which can be done entirely solo, or maybe even without any hireling at all. I'm missing that.

I'm suspicious that the higher the level, the less is possible to do solo - it's to me as if they were nudging / gently forcing me into going into a group at higher levels.

I don't know if that's a design decision and/or really their agenda, but … it's just my subjective perception.

And maybe it's just "common bahaviour" ? Like … as if it was expcted to form groups at higher levels ? "Everyone does it so !" ?

Another thing I don't uite understand is that "character/toon builds" thing. Why do people insist on "builds" all of the time ?

Okay, a build is a very, very effective way to create a character which is very, very effective (if possible) in wiping out enemies - especially at higher levels

But what I don't quite understand is as if builds were essential … I've read comments in the forums of games which make me hink as if thir entire playing goal was doing builds … Not using builds as a tool, but rather … talking or doing as if the essence of DDO was "char building" … Like in Action-RPGs …

Some more serious comments, however, say that it is in fact the player's game, and that - that's how someone put it - the goal is rather to learn to play with that character/toon … Not vice versa.
And that in the end the fun factor is important, too.

I fear that this "character building" thing has travelled from Action-RPGs into all other parts of role-playing right now. I evn remember people asking "what's the best build" in Drakensang ! - To me, that's just a horrid imagination - Action-RPG - like character building in an RPG that is nothing like action at all ! Where even social skills matter ! Urgh.

And I don't remember any CHA-based options in any DDO quest, either.
Or they are just not visible. DDO is a bit too much combat-focused for my taste (but it still is fun !)

Is DDO rather an Action-RPG than any other form of RPG ?
Are all MMOs rather action games ?

I fear so, because social skills would perhaps be considered "too boring" to the younger generations to whom RPG = Action-RPG or so. Or is is just that combat has always played a huge role in (A)D&D ?
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