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January 12th, 2012, 03:58
Alright, this is what I got about the Enhancement Pass. Bear with me, and remember, this is all subject to change, disemboweling, or being eaten by a grue.

1 - UI will be altered to a tabbed interface of some sort. Each tab will have a different "tree" of enhancements. Selecting enhancements in a tree will lock you into that tree. You can have three PrE trees and the racial one.

2 - You will no longer be restricted to a single class PrE… you could, theoretically, take AA and Tempest on a Ranger.

3 - PrEs are getting overhauled, with many feat requirements being lost, and everything moving to enhancements. All PrEs will gain a capstone, earned by spending 41 points into that PrE's tree. Rather than buying the pre-reqs then buying the PrE, you will gain PrE benefits at certain amounts of points spent into that PrE tree.

Right now, it will cost 30 points for the current tier 3 PrEs. 41 for the Pre capstone. So you could, technically, spend 71 AP and get a capstoned Pre and a second tier III.

You can have only three PrE lines at one time. Technically, you chould see III/III/I stuff, or II/II/II or whatever.

4 - In general, enhancements are being changed where needed to make them more desirable.

5 - In general, enhancement costs are being reduced.

6 - Races are getting racial PrEs. Note that the racial PrE takes up one of the three PrE slots just like a class PrE.

Warforged - Stalwart Defender - Many are arguing to change this to Kensai or Occult Slayer. Both because they prefer not to deal with WF tanks in the endgame, and because (my reasoning) they want to give them something unique.

Dwarf - Stalwart Defender - Awesome.

Elf - AA - Duh

Drow - Tempest - Also awesome. Tempest Divine Avenger FvSs anyone?

Half-Orc - Ravager - Understandable, fits, but unknown as obviously Ravager is not in-game yet.

Halfling - Assassin - Doesn't really fit, but awesome regardless. Some argument for making it Acrobat instead, and beefing Acrobat up some.

Human - Any - Literally, they get to pick one of any class' PrEs as their racial. Making them kings and queens of odd-ball builds. One of the builds mentioned was taking Radiant Servant, at least to Tier II, on a Paladin; I would probably play a Paladin like that, maybe even TR Rachail back into Pally to try that. Radiant Defender anyone?

Half-Elf - Any - Possibly based on which Dilettante feat you select. In Mirys' case, that would open up Purple Dragon Knight (?), Stalward Defender, or Kensai. Brialle or Fireflash would be offered Defender of Syberis, Hunter of the Dead, or Knight of the Chalice. Aerii would pick Angel of Vengeance, as an effective +2 to DCs, Spell Pen, and a should cannon would be awesome an Air Savant. Stacking bonuses to Fire and Untyped spells too?

7 - Dragonmarks may get folded into 1 feat, and enhancements to the stronger marks, as well as extra options. Possibly additional powers, or use regeneration. Also opening enhancements up which boost their capabilities, with the ones like Jorasco Healing Marks (devotion line) or Half-Elven Lyrandar marks (Electrical damage, for Call Lightning Storm… Air Savant Bard? Air Savant Paladin?)

8 - Some feats may also get changed or removed. Improved Fortification, which renders you useless and unable to be healed by divine means, was mentioned as one of the sucky options being changed.

All in all, it's a lot. It looks like the traditional 12/6/2 or other deep splits are going to be significantly affected, as well as Fireflash's own 16/2/2 split.

One issue I have is that right now, there is no general class tab. Ranger Favored Enemy enhancements, for example, are shoe-horned into Deepwood Sniper. While a completed DS might be attractive to AA Rangers for boosting their dps, Favored Enemies are a core class feature. This also means that Sorcerers won't be able to be a generalist, as they cannot take damage lines from more than 2 or 3. If their second PrE comes, Acolyte of Skin, then they'll be forced to choose that and two Savant lines, and not have a third damage type. Aerii has no less than 5; Electric, Cold, Fire, Sonic, and Force/Untyped. Paladin Auras will be segregated into one PrE or another, which most Paladins want to bump them as much as possible, even if they're expensive now.
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