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January 12th, 2012, 05:29
Right now, forced enhancement reset.

I've had a few ideas about builds pop in my head:

Half-elven Bard Air Savant SpellSinger. Dragonmarked, used Dragonmarks to open up Air Savant, and the SLAs for damage spells. Also boosts the few Bardic damage spells, which are Sonic.

Drow Favored Soul Divine Tempest. TWF Shortswords, basically no to-hit penalty, Tempest III + capstone and Divine Avenger I at least for full BaB. Possibly AoV II for boost to spell damage, effective +2 to hit, and shoulder cannon.

Half-Elven Favored Soul Kensai Angel. Mirys with Kensai with a Falchion focus. Possibly with Divine Avenger I for full BaB, if it is changed to support non-FvS weapons instead of just their granted weapons.

Human or Half-elf Paladin Radiant Defender, 18/2. Radiant Servant II for Aura and Bursts, Defender of Syberis for main PrE, maybe a tier or two of Hunter of the Dead for the Healing Amp. Human would be easier to do, as Helf would require a hefty investment into WIS… which Paladins cannot afford. Considerable self-healing making it quite a durable character. Easily change DoS to KotC if desired for DPS instead.

Drow Tempest Warchanter/Spell Singer. WC/SSII, Tempest III.

Yes, Tempest will be good enough to make me consider rolling Drow.
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