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January 12th, 2012, 15:37
I played Beyond Divinity (the sequel), which I absolutely hated so I was skeptical about Divine Divinity but I heard good things about it, particularly the humour and original quests. So I decided to see what I had missed and got it through GOG and played it recently.

It is indeed true that it has humour and witty dialogues, which is not too common, and some interesting quests and I enjoyed these aspects of the game. But apart from that, it is way too much of a hack and slash festival and I really dislike that type of games.

I knew beforehand that it was combat heavy so I played it on easy to just click my way through battles and focus on the quests. I played as a pure mage and I realised early on that I had crippled my character through unfortunate levelling choices making the game quite difficult in certain parts (Many foes had elemental resistances making my spells useless). Later, the game became easier due to two well chosen skills but the two Josephina boss battle were absolutely ridiculous, even on easy. Her hell spikes would literally kill me in 1 second. The only way I could win was to spam health potions during the hell spikes, run 2 cm away, cast invisibility, and then approach her and cast the spiralling discs as they do not seem to be affected by elemental resistances. But even so, this tactic would be too dependent on timing and luck so I had to reload many many times. (If I didn't have the invisibility spell she would have been impossible to kill with my character build).

After the ritual at the council, the game goes downhill and IMO becomes a worthless hack'n slasher. I just cast invisibility and ran towards the objectives and saw that I was running literally through hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of enemies. The mere thought of having to fight my way through all those enemies made me shudder.

My verdict: 20% good and 80% bad.
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