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January 12th, 2012, 16:39
I cleaned the chest out early this week. I left some scrolls behind that I didn't need (I remember some trap the soul ones near the top of the list, for example). I think the last item on the list when I cleaned it out was a scroll of stinking cloud, so anything after that would be new to me. We've got quite a few wands in there that I really don't need and they can't be torn apart for essences. They've been in there for a long time (I remember a knock and a detect secret doors). I propose that Alrik take them and sell them since he's probably got the least plat of our most active guildies.

Probably won't be able to get on tonight, so I'll make sure to take a peek before the session tomorrow.

I was so proud the other day. I actually used Wouldii to craft some useful items for Klubbir. Made a +2 ghost touch great club of lesser undead bane. Not a world beater, but it's ML7 so he can actually use it and I figure that should be a useful combo as he starts working thru Necro and Delera. I've got shards of everbright and maiming ready so I'll put together an ooze/rusty beater soon. Looked into making a wizardry/power/magi weapon for Phuury, but for now my crafting skills can't compete with what he can get on the auction house. After all the mindless grinding, it was nice to actually craft a useful item.

Finally, I wouldn't mind capping Wouldii if we decide to do that (he needs ~150k XP to cap). Was giving some thought to doing another healbot (the guild can never have enough healers), but tweaking the build to add something new, maybe some hopped-up summoning (yeah, I know, but it would be different at least). Didn't think a "double cleric" would make much sense, so I wouldn't TR Bot into that build, not to mention that I think it's a good idea for the guild to always have a lvl20 healer available.
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