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January 12th, 2012, 17:43
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I thought the earlier stages of the game were much, much better than the later stages though, and the game was too long. That final area was a real drag, and it brought my overall opinion of the game down a bit. DD might have been in my top ten if not for that last 20%.
Originally Posted by Asdraguuhl View Post
After the ritual at the council, the game goes downhill and IMO becomes a worthless hack'n slasher. I just cast invisibility and ran towards the objectives and saw that I was running literally through hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of enemies. The mere thought of having to fight my way through all those enemies made me shudder.

My verdict: 20% good and 80% bad.
No argument here - I agree, game goes downhill towards the end.

Still, like KOTOR2, before that point it's a great game. I loved that the world was pretty cohesive - you had an invasion and saw signs of it everywhere. Some of the quests were creative and there were a ton of them everywhere. And I loved that the world was huge and you could pretty much go anywhere. I also loved that it didn't take itself seriously. Music was also great.

So yeah, I think 80% is a fair score - what I take issue with and why I say it's underrated is that most people dismiss it as a Diablo clone and the combat is similar but it has more in common with Baldur's Gate or an Ultima than Diablo.
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