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January 12th, 2012, 21:09
As long as you don't want to play an arcane caster (wizard, sorceror), I'd agree with cm's advice from several posts ago to go with the "taste test" approach. The easiest character to play is a fighter, assuming you're OK with using cleric hirelings to keep you patched up. I think the "best" character for someone wanting to run solo is a tempest ranger (strength-based two weapon melee). You get melee ability, you get some of the basic buff spells and some healing spells, you have enough skill points to pick up useful adventuring skills like spot and search, you have good ranged ability with manyshot.

Wouldii is my tempest ranger. He did a lot of solo work until level 14 or so and then started running with the guild pretty regularly. Azraelck actually had a better ranger build taking a splash of another class, if you're open to a more complex build.

I didn't think rogue was that complex to run when I did RhoGu. If that's what you feel like playing, go with it.

Don't feel bad about the "alien talk". I've been playing the game for almost 2 years now and this enhancement overhaul has my head spinning.

Best advice I can give you is to use the character planner to develop your build. "Window shopping" for feats and enhancements simply does not work. I ended up deleting a level 9 character when I first started playing because I window shopped the build and ended up with a total disaster. I figured my experience with NWN was sufficient to put something together. I was wrong.
Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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