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January 12th, 2012, 22:09
Whats fun to play really depends on your own playstyle. For example, I don't find Monks, Paladins, or it appears Bards fun to play. Yet I loved playing Favored soul (and have two), Sorcerer, Ranger, and Fighter. Peter likes playing Paladins only. Jm plays any damn thing. Dte likes playing heavy melee like Fighter and Barbarian, as does CM.

I would suggest rolling a Fighter, as they are easier to recover from a bad feat choice or sub-par build than most others, and are simpler to play. Barbarians are even simpler, but are locked into their feat choices right now. You need Power Attack and Cleave for your PrE, the THF feats (3 of them) for dps, Improved Criticallashing for dps, and leaves 1 feat for Toughness or Stunning Blow or Improved sunder, all of which are very useful and valuable on a Barbarian. Human can let you fit in two of them, but they are tight on feats.

Dte - Cleric PL adds a extra turn or two, and +1 to Conjuration DCs. But I would wait, as you have two lowbies leveling, a couple in the mid levels, and still have two high levels not at cap.

Also, you can craft useful effects even with lower levels. I've got Blindness Ward Goggles of Battle Skill; +2 to-hit, and Blindness Ward. You can later craft +4 to-hit, which is my plan, but that's level 80 arcane. Holy is level 37 Divine, so it's relatively easy to get a solid prefix for dps. About 75% of the time, Holy works. Tack on Righteousness for another +2 to-hit and damage on a +5 weapon, and it's pretty solid. Regular Bane effects are also useful, 2d6 damage for specific enemy types. This is all stuff I can craft on Ijii right now.

RE: Dragonmarks

Dragonmarks are a chain of three feats which give your character a clicky spell ability with limited uses. They are taken as normal feats. IMO right now they are not worth taking, as they have very limited used, in some cases no use whatsoever, and cost three feats, which only a Fighter, Artificer, and maybe Monk and Wizard can afford.

However, if the change goes through making them 1 feat for the whole tree, and you simply get the higher level abilities through enhancements, then that may change.

Right now, I can see taking the Dragonmark of Healing on a Halfling Fighter, as it's extra healing, if not spectacular. In a strong group, my original Halfling Wind Monk used those marks to solo-heal several quests.

Dragonmark of Passage on a Fighter, because not needing to slot Striding is nice, and Ddoor and eventually Teleport even is nice as well, though more a convenience than a powerful ability.

Sentinel Dragonmarks if you run epics and have a Epic Chimera's Fang you want to use.

If you really want to invest into a crafting-bot, Human Artificer with the Marks of Making get heavy bonuses to crafting, but are useless unless you expect to constantly run with Warforged. Even then, you have recon.

All other marks are less than useful, either due to a lack of duration of the buffs and limited uses, like the elven mark, or due to just plain sucking, like the dwarven mark.
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