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January 13th, 2012, 22:27

Inventory/encumbrance limits do not add to either immersion or realism for me. I just find them annoying. Exceedingly annoying if I'm halfway through a dungeon crawl, and all of a sudden I can't move or pick up another item because I've reached my limit, and the only way I can continue is to "go home" first to unload/sell the excess (which means repeating the entire dungeon crawl), or figure out what to drop. And, when I have to do it multiple times in a single dungeon, well that's just plain ridiculous.

That's usually when I start looking for/making a mod to fix the problem. If the game is one that doesn't allow that, well, it had better be a really, really good game, because usually the annoyance factor kills any enjoyment I was getting out of the game, and it ends up uninstalled & in the dust bin.

I do realize that this can be taken to an ridiculous extreme and cause game lag, and game developers want to avoid that, but that's not what I'm interested in. I simply want to make it through a dungeon crawl in a single trip, & make it back to town to unload.

Personally, I think that the player should be given an option as to which approach to play, as some of the older games did for blood and gore. I like the option to disable that as well.
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