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January 14th, 2012, 20:22
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
Um what was wrong with torchlight? It was a diablo clone, but it did it well…lots of mods out for it. I had some fun with it. For 20 dollars I got more then I paid for.
The Mistmare comparison was too harsh. That game you couldn't even play. It's more like Arcania. You have Gothic which is great and then there is Arcania. Same thing here. You have Diablo and then you have this thing.

I had played this game before when it was called Fate. Fate and Torchlight are a child's game. They're an intro to action-rpg type of games.

Baldree needs to take a break and let Schaefer work on Torchlight 2. If I see more of his influence in the game and less of Baldree's then I might try T2. After all Hellgate London was a damn fine game so I know the two of them can come up with something fun. Too bad not many people shared that opinion about Hellgate. I'd buy Hellgate 2 in half-a-heartbeat, but this one. Meh…..I'll read the reviews.

I will say I liked the music and having your cat take your stuff back to town was a good idea. Saved time, but in the end I got bored quickly.
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