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January 15th, 2012, 18:04
Well, i got bored and bought GT2 from steam after reading a few reviews and seeing the game in action. After playing for about 4-5 hours, i'll say it is a much better game than the first one and almost worth the price. Of course, it still shares the same shitty engine, which means during that time i had to ragequit 2-3 times due to absolutely idiotic camera system and bad ai pathfinding, so nothing was fixed or improved upon here. The jokes however come across much better this time and the writing is much much less of a typo ridden mess than it was in the first game. The crazy girlfriend from Arcania was probably what broke the ice for me Overall i get almost a deathspank type of crazy vibe out of this one, although at their cores the games are very different. I'm not so sure voice acting was such a good idea however. Some of it is genuinely funny, some of it is suitably corny, but the main character sounds like a leisure suit larry type balding mafioso waterboy sleazebag, rather than a goth, at least in the english version.
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