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Default SW:TOR. The good, the bad, the good

January 16th, 2012, 21:29
I'm enjoying it reasonably well, in some ways it's nice to experience a WOW like game at the beginning again, back when everyone is still running non max level instances and the money you get from quests is actually a big deal.

There are things it does better then WoW and things it does worse. I enjoy the story bits, definitely not up to KoTOR, but still the best attempt at creating story in a MMO that I have seen.

PVP has potential but needs work. The bolster system doesn't work that well in practice, but adding a lvl 50 tier will help a lot. Lag in PVP is awful for some people which is a major issue. I think adding a within faction pvp warzone (huttball) was a great way to deal with faction related Queue times without losing within server community the same way that cross realm BGs did.
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