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January 16th, 2012, 22:51
Originally Posted by Crilloan View Post
I dont see the difference.

Origin might not be good, but giving more power and defacto monopoly to steam canīt be good in the long run for us, the end users.

I use, Steam, GoG and gamersgate.
If its possible, I use the last two, since i dont have to have a client hogging my resources when I play.
I've use Steam, GoG, Gamersgate and Impulse (haven't bought much from Impulse since they changed owners though), and I've also bought games directly from a lot of developers (Eschalon, Mount & Blade, Minecraft, Kenshi, TrackMania etc). For me it's not about being pro Steam, but being anti origin.

When you spend a lot of money on your account, you don't want to risk the service provider closing the account - and with it your access for every game you've bought - for something you write on a forum. And you don't want the service provider to monitor everything you have on your computer.

There is also the DLC-hell that comes with everything from Bioware these days, which also feels like exploiting their customers.

So ME3 is a no go for me…
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