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January 16th, 2012, 23:02
Originally Posted by rich ruffo View Post
Im lovin Larian Studios. Currently playing Divine Divinity and am lost from he outside world . And after that will play DKS for the first time. Larian studios is aiming for the stars with The RPG THAT WILL DWARF THEM ALL.Bioware could have learned a lesson or two from reading this post. They know they have to cut costs for the big one but understand they must stay true to fans and creat quality games. I have faith that Dragon Commander will be a innovative and great. They have my money.
They have my money as well.

I've really enjoyed their games so far, and I really like the way they focus on delivering a strong product - not focusing half of their attention on marketing schemes like Bioware (who I admit have a lot of talent, as shown by Dragon Age Origins).
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