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January 17th, 2012, 16:19
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
By the engine, do you mean the game mechanics, or the technology (ie the significant pvp lag experienced by many)?
The technology.

Game mechanics can be tweaked and I'm fine with most of them, actually.

But I need the actual gameplay/combat to be smooth and responsive, and I need decent FPS when in proximity to more than a dozen players.

This game slows to a crawl when 16+ people are fighting in the same location. I have no idea how they expect to solve this for world PvP.

I have a very high-end rig, and even during small WZs - the performance is lackluster.

The "ability delay" issue is very, very bad - but that's separate from the actual performance. So, we're talking at least two very serious issues.

Given how the game has been in beta for a long time, I don't see any hope of changing these basic things. They're part of the core of the game.

Actually, there's a 3rd issue - and that's combat feedback. They have a seriously poor sound design in terms of combat feedback. You have no real sense of your attacks connecting beyond the myriad of numbers popping up. As a lightsaber dude - all the sounds are nearly identical lightsaber slash sounds - and you have no way of knowing which one of your attacks is actually being performed - unless you look at the hotbar icons.

They need to implement rigidly distinct sounds for all unique effects, and they need to use symbols and colors to communicate CLEARLY what's happening during the chaos of combat.

In WoW, which has the best PvP combat system I know if - you have a very fair chance of knowing what's happening. Sounds are unique - and no one has to wonder if you've been, say, feared - because there's a huge sign over your character to communicate that.

Then they have a horrible TAB-targeting algorithm. The game should always target the player in closest proximity if you press tab - but it doesn't do that in TOR. I'm not sure what's happening, but I have a VERY hard time targeting during the chaos of combat.

Also, they need to make the arrow pointing at your target another color. Red is the same color as everything else during combat. It should be bigger and it should be, say, yellow or orange. Also, animating it would help.




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