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January 17th, 2012, 17:34
No sign of a PC demo yet - well, not that I could see. As for the comments

Mostly the same people heaping lavish praise (and being defensive when anything is criticized). This comment caught my eye:

"I have been waiting for a game that can deliver a "casual", "enjoyable" and quality fantasy+rpg setting to the HUGE crowd without bringing with it a lot of frustration - and after believeing that Dragon Age 2 was supposed to do the same, only it failed and it was a wrong project to mess with - this is it! This game will be able to entertain millions out there. Some of those will look for deeper/similar experiences, and that will help the genre to stay alive."

Yeah. That's what I want. A "casual", accessible RPG "for the masses" - that's why I play RPG's (subtext: the average gamer is too dumb to handle anything with even marginal complexity. Really? No one I know, young or old gamers, buys into that! ) *sigh* If people want casual games, they should stick to Facebook or Angry Birds. Hopefully this game is NOT a 'casual' game. I can't be bothered to invest any energy playing such.
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