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January 18th, 2012, 10:00
I agree with Fluent, it's a fun game. It seems to be a mix of a lot of rpgs. The Witcher (lots of rolling around and corridor like open world), Fable (can't help but get this impression from the art style and again the corridor style open world), Titan's Quest (skills remind me of that game) and Dragon Age.

Lots of lore. I did my best speed reading through the books and there were a lot I found. Not as many as an Elder Scrolls game, but enough.

Dialogue and voice acting is good. You have your normal Scottish and English accents for most of the people. I'd love to see a game give a gnome an Arabic accent just to mix things up a bit

Quests are your usual find this, talk to him, go here, kill that, etc. Can't really fault them for that. There was one quest that was intersting:


It is open world becaus I had about 6 different quests going on and was only able to finish about 2 of them in the 45 minutes provided. Like I said previously, it is open world, but with corridors. Not unlike Witcher or Fable. I could have done any of those quests at any time.

I like Fae folklore. I can't get enough of books or games with that theme, but not your Disney version Fairies. So this setting is right up my alley.

My biggest critism is the FOV. That will need to be changed immediatly. It's too close. Not sure why game companies keep insisting on an extremely close FOV. Had the same problem in Skyrim, but that was easily fixed. Hopefully, it can be fixed just as easily in this game as well.

Another pet peeve was the lighting. My first character was a mage with a fire staff. I would loose sight of the enemy when attacking because the fire would block them from view. Maybe with a FOV fix this won't be much of a problem.

I started another character, but this time concentrated on stealth. I had a lot of fun with that one as well. Totally different style of combat. With a mage you do your usual staff, wand (they call them scepters) and magic attacks, but with the stealth character you have daggers and other special attacks. Not sure what it was called, but you throw some dust and fling daggers at an enemy. Worked really well. Stealth worked liked many other rpgs. You enter stealth mode and there is an eye above the enemy. It slowly gets red as the enemy senses your approach. If it becomes all red then the enemy sees you. If you can get to them before they see you then you can do the usual backstab. It doesn't always kill them, it just does more damage like in D&D. When I play this game for real I'm going to mix a stealth and mage character. There are fate cards specifically designed for that style of play.

That reminds me, the fate cards. You unlock special bonuses depending on what card you choose. You unlock the cards by how you allocate your skill points. Put them all into sorcery and you'll unlock mage type fate cards. Mix your skill points between different classes and you'll unlock those kinds of cards. Like if you put your skill points into stealth and sorcery then you will eventually unlock the combined stealth/sorcery fate cards. Those give bonuses to both stealth and sorcery.

Lots and lots of crafting. Alchemy, shards and I believe blacksmithing. I didn't do that one since I was in a hurry, but the alchemy and shards were interesting. With alchemy you can experiment with different ingredients to make potions. You'll need to improve your alchemy skill to be able to mix more than two different ingredients.

Speaking of potions, there are just too many of them (not a bad thing). You have your usual health/mana potions, but in addition you have all kinds that give bonuses to certain types of damage, protect you and a whole bunch of others.

Fate seems like a novel concept. You fill your fate bar and when it's full you go into reckoning mode which slows everything down and causes you to do more damage. You can do a …..fatekill (forget what they called it) anytime while you're in reckoning mode. You get close to a vanquished enemy and push a button. Then you pump up a meter to increase the percentage of the experience gathered from all that were defeated while in reckoning mode.

Overall, I know I'll enjoy this one. It has all kinds of loot, character customization, crafting and just about everything you can think of when you think RPG. The art will definitely leave a bad taste in some people's mouths, but not mine. It's not a Beth style open world, but neither was the Witcher 1 or 2. I enjoyed exploring those game. Same goes here, you have all kinds of hidden items throughout the world, heck they have a skill dedicated to just finding things that are hidden like stashes or secret doors.
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