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January 18th, 2012, 10:24
Originally Posted by Dr. A View Post
Well, I'm finally downloading demo off Steam and will only be able to play in the evening.

LOL, the comments on the game here are vastly different to the general public

I think that people expecting an sand-box style game where you can climb up mountains and be able to jump willy-nilly will be disappointed. So don't expect Skyrim.

However if you prefer a Fable/God Of War-esque style of game, then KOA will be perfect for you.

It might be a bit too early (first 45 minutes only) to rag on the game regarding RPG aspects.
No, I expected a very pretty and technically competent CRPG with action combat. Something like Fable level polish. I didn't expect a half-assed PC port with a clunky engine, and dreary writing.

Based on what I'd heard, the most effort went into the writing - and yet every single NPC I came across with dialogue had uninteresting cliché dialogue done with bad-to-mediocre voice overs. Ok, so it was only 5-6 people - but some of them were part of the tutorial which tends to be the most polished piece of any game - because developers know it needs to be.

Take a look at those gnomes, for one. It looks like 2004 graphics with awful lip synching. The main super gnome and the whole concept of "Well of Souls". Dialogue was just executed without intrigue or passion. B-level quality to my mind.

Maybe that's just bad luck, and maybe they released a vastly unfinished demo with the worst parts of the game - but I doubt it.

It's not at all the AAA polished CRPG with fantastic depth and writing that they were promising. Not even the Xbox version seems polished - and the inventory interface is clunky there as well.

I'm very big on game mechanics, and I checked out their "Fate" cards that were supposed to be the "class" system. Swell. The classes are basically flat percentage rates to 4-5 skills across the board. Talk about uninspired. Maybe I'm missing something - but I certainly expected a "Fate" to bring something entirely unique to the table.

The ability trees look "ok" - but certainly nothing special compared to similar systems. I don't see the "amazing" depth in this game, other than the fact that you can combine styles - which isn't unique.

The combat is probably the best part of the game, and that's nice. Actually, I think it might be enough for me to enjoy it for a while.

It's just that the hype has been pretty thick with this one, and I've once again been suckered in by Ken Rolston (he fooled me with Morrowind too) - who I now consider to be a bigger barrel of bullshit than Molyneux.

I'll check out the full game eventually - because I'm a sucker for huge CRPGs - but I really don't have any reason to be excited now.




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