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January 18th, 2012, 11:33
I play a defense specced Guardian, but I really don't have any issues with response times. At least not beyond animations - animations tend to take longer than the actual cast or channel time of an ability, which often makes timing hard. The animations are rather cool and all, but the slow downs can be quite an issue in PvP.

Example: Sages have a skill called Project, which throws an object at someone. The cast is instant, but the animation slows down the actual hit for 1-2 seconds. To make matters worse, Sorcerers (the mirror class of the Sage) are supposed to be identical to Sages, but their lightning ability has a much faster animation, so it actually hits instantly instead of 1-2 seconds later.

The animation issue is not really a concern in PvE, as a second here or there rarely matters. However, in PvP it's certainly an issue.
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