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January 19th, 2012, 11:17
Originally Posted by Pessimeister View Post
He was the Lead Creative Designer as well as a level designer. I never did beat that game however.

I'd also really like to hear you qualify your statement for why someone shouldn't listen to one of the all time great contributors to cRPG design. Chris has an extensive resume working in the industry which certainly deserves more respect than your flippantly expressed sentiment shows.
I have no interest in qualifying my statement, but I can try to explain my reasoning.

If people want to listen to him, they should. I'm saying I wish they wouldn't. There's a difference.

If you respect him for working in an industry he enjoys working in, that's your business. I don't respect people I don't actually know - because there's no basis for it. I can respect their work, however.

I'm talking about his work - and the value I personally see in the direction of the games he's been involved with.

Note that I'm not a big fan of Obsidian anymore - and I don't think their recent work is impressive - AT ALL.

Clearly, he's learned the wrong lessons (imo) - and I don't see any value in teaching those lessons to other people. That means more mercenary work and how to release buggy/messy/unfinished games over and over.

It has nothing to do with him not having talent. It has to do with what he's been doing with that talent.

Clear enough?




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