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January 19th, 2012, 12:39
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
No, it's not. It boils down to the fact that you don't want writers and designers like MCA making games, despite the fact that a lot of people around here greatly enjoy such games.

Otherwise, why would you wish upcoming designers didn't listen to MCA?
Are you seriously telling me I can't have my own personal opinion about what I think is good for the future of the genre, and let that opinion be known?

Because that's an amazingly weak position.

Logically, the difference between using the statement: I wish they wouldn't and they shouldn't - is that one is a personal wish not intended to actually influence others, and the other is letting my own personal opinion dictate what I think others SHOULD do.

I know this is just another Maylander knee-jerk anti DArt reaction, but if you actually bother to read what I say - it would help your understanding.

Like when I said that people SHOULD listen to him if they want to.

Clearly, I think it's UNFORTUNATE that people are salivating over him, when I don't think his "lessons" have been good for the games he's been involved with.




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