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January 20th, 2012, 20:51
Attack speed was definitely an item stat that was right on every weapon you used. It was one of the major things you looked at when you got a new weapon. I can't really think of any stat that wasn't on an item, though maybe there was something somewhere.

Your right though that relationship between stats was never completely clear in D2and things often didn't work the way you would expect. Blizzard seems to be aiming for more transparency in D3, but I'm sure there will still be things that people misunderstand for awhile. But that's a seperate issue from how many stats there currently are and what they do.

Finally it's worth noting that there is actually one stat that is being removed with this system change which is attack. Attack used to be a stat which increased the damage of your attacks, regardless of whether you were a wizard or a barbarian. The problem with this is that it made items a little too streamlined….ie gloves of attack improved a barbarians battle axe chops and a wizard's fireballs by the same amount. So this was changed so that damage increase was tied to your classes primary stat (ie strength for a barbarian) rather then a generic attack stat. Personally this sounds like a good change to me.

To summarize, the other stat changes are just name changes. Defence was changed to armor. What armor used to do was renamed physical resistance. Precision was renamed to crit chance (which was always what it was).

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There were some stats that weren't on items for D2, I thought. Maybe attack speed? My memory could just be failing though.

But what isn't apparent in the names of stats on equipment is the relationship between stats. Some stats affected others, so you couldn't tell without a lot of testing what those undocumented relationships were. For example damage rate is function of a bunch of things.
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