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January 21st, 2012, 08:56
I checked the achievements and it looks like about 25% of the people. About 11% of the people have reached level 50 so have done much more then just going through and beat it. It looks like there is about 7 percent that either had achievements blocked right from the beginning or have the game but haven't played at all. This doesn't include people that blocked achievements after the beginning of the game and people that don't play the main quest.

PS. I didn't realize about the achievement statistics because I always ignore achievements. Do the achievements get recorded for people that play mostly in offline mode? Also do achievements get recorded for people who use mods? (there are a few hundred out there)

PPS. These statistics are not very reliable since there are many people who don't even play the main storyline and instead just do there own thing in the game also many people that are waiting for patches before playing.
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