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January 22nd, 2012, 17:24
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Tanking = failing, where I come from. If you'd said "it's certainly not the blockbusting WOW-killer they had thought it was going to be" in the first place, I wouldn't have responded but you clearly said it was failing and then just backed out of it.

I didn't say you were - I said I've seen various speculation about the cost and your link is no different. GameSpot links to LA Times who offer no quote or source, so it's more speculation.
I guess if winning this argument by defining my words with your definitions is what you're after, then I guess you win..? I really could care less. Someone asked, so I offered several examples of why I feel the game is not doing as well as EA/BioWare had hoped— from stock report news, to first-person observation as a former subscriber who felt it was not nearly as good as advertised, and who also saw a significant decline in server population.

Ultimately, my initial point was that everything BioWare has done since its dark union with Electronic Arts has not lived up to the hype— including SWTOR. If, in 6 months, this game is everything they thought it would be with a gazillion* subcribers and happy people dancing in the street, I will be the first to come back and admit being wrong. Methinks I won't have to do that, tho.

gazillion = lots (not meant to be a factual number)
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