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January 22nd, 2012, 20:53
Originally Posted by ChaosTheory View Post
I guess if winning this argument by defining my words with your definitions is what you're after, then I guess you win..? I really could care less. Someone asked, so I offered several examples of why I feel the game is not doing as well as EA/BioWare had hopedó from stock report news, to first-person observation as a former subscriber who felt it was not nearly as good as advertised, and who also saw a significant decline in server population.

The problem is that the article you linked to doesn't really back up your claim that SWTOR is tanking.

As for recouping the game's massive development cost, EA said in February that The Old Republic would become profitable with only 500,000 subscribers. And according to Pachter, the game is well on its way to blowing that number out of the water. In an investor note issued today, Pachter said The Old Republic has sold at least 2 million units since its launch in late December. Additionally, he said he expects 75 to 90 percent of initial purchasers to stay onboard as paid subscribers following the bundled 30-day free game time.
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