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January 23rd, 2012, 02:04
Managed to cap Wouldii today. Since that leaves only 2 of us with toons in the 18-19 range, I started looking into what we could do as an alternative. Not that I have a problem running our tops, just looking at what alternatives we have.

It's actually not a good picture once you pull out our TR party. Az has plenty of toons in the 8-9 range, a 12, and a cap. Peter's got an 8 and a pair of caps. cm's got toons all over everywhere, including one 19. jm's got nothing in the 8 range, but 3 near cap.

Peter either runs caps or his 8. jm's lowest is her 12. No overlap at the bottom. So we're locked into caps. While I can switch to RhoGu, he'll probably struggle with the stuff we'll be running, so I'll probably run Bot--he's more fun and more useful than Wouldii. cm can cap her monk, but then she's stuck. jm can run any of her near-caps.

We had talked about running mids, but that's a little complicated as well. Az could run Rachail, cm has a couple choices, jm has Sherina, I've got Shadohe, but Peter comes up empty. Unless cm runs her cleric, we also have a shortage of healing. Messy.
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