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January 23rd, 2012, 15:40
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We had talked about running mids, but that's a little complicated as well. Az could run Rachail, cm has a couple choices, jm has Sherina, I've got Shadohe, but Peter comes up empty. Unless cm runs her cleric, we also have a shortage of healing. Messy.
I don't know what you might think of me after you've read my thought , but I'd rather see this as a kind of challenge. Running around with mid-level toons would be imho a perfect way to train how to bridge over difficulties and even the missing of certain skills (like healing, for example).

I'd like to help out, but I still haven't got every adventure pack yet. although I probably will in the course of this year.

The absence of healers is a real problem, though, which can imho only be solved through the massive use of hirelings. 1 per person, is that possible ? and viable ?

My ranger doesn't have enough healing abilities yet, nor does my new magician.

Another option would go farming for the marketplace collector named Kipling Vranch, who in return doles out staffs/wands of curing middle wounds (don't know the exact English name of that, plus I always mix staff and wand). He wants documents, so for farming any quest which includes lootable cupboards would be to look at.
Loura Jotun would be interesting, too. Becuse she givbes away healing stuff as well.

In the Jorasco district, both Farrik Foe Clever and Manthakan could be interesting. You find stuff for them both in the wilderness of Tangleroot Gorge, and more specifically within the Splinterskull Fortress.

Deneith district : The Chirugeon Laj'Amal

Phiarlan district : Seld The Grey Sister and Demordris Meele (who seems to have been in the Tangleroot Gorge One Eared Bugbear Inn in an earlier version of DDO). The latter one is easy to overlook, because he is working with a hedge, and therefore good obscured. You get his wanted Lily Petals in masses in the Tangleroot Gorge wilderness.

Complete list of Collectors and what they dole out : http://ddowiki.com/page/Collectable

And here's a list where to find what : http://ddowiki.com/page/Collectable_source
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