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January 24th, 2012, 15:53
Wow, he wrote this entire blog post in response to my comment last week? (Signed up as Guest867 on the Larian studios site.)

This was interesting reading and the photos were a nice touch.

I'm not as familiar with the gaming industry; however, I have some work experience on the marketing side for films, books and music. Regardless of whether we are talking about games, DVDs, CDs or books, I imagine there are some parallels among the sort of content acquisition deal involving large entertainment companies that must spend millions of dollars to bring a consumer home entertainment product to market.

Even in cases where you are negotiating a deal with a company that is seemingly in a much stronger bargaining position, it is not quite so difficult to get the publisher to agree to a cap on certain forms of marketing expenses. However, I imagine you have your work cut out for you if you hope to get some sort of right to approve the marketing expenses on a monthly basis.

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Don't they realize you have the power to make or break their games? You are the Harry Knowles of RPGs, after all. They really ought to be bending over backwards to kiss up to you, Myrthos. Bring on the strippers!
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