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January 24th, 2012, 15:55
Okay, the Fens is on my mental list, which leaves only 280 points behind … Now, with this discount, I have :

Necro1 (N1, in opposite to N7 by Bioware ) 200
Sharn 280
Reaver's Reach (RR) 280
N3 280
N2 280
Devil's Assault (DA) 280

I read that N1 has a quest where 4 levers need to be pushed or pulled simultaneously - which makes it impossible to solo it.
DA is said to be 1 big fight - or sort of.
N2-N3 - don't know what to think of it. (In the popular adventure pack review thrwad in the forums the reviewer frowns upon N2.)
Reaver's Reach - I have not the slightest idea.

What would you recomment me from this list ?

(Edit : Too bad, this was the discount I had hoped for during the Holiday Season. If it had been there, I would have been able to buy a few more packs with my points. Well, I have had some fun anyway.)
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