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January 24th, 2012, 23:41
Originally Posted by Shepard_the_3rd View Post
Actually I don't see the fun of "finding" locations using a printed map.
Agreed. In my case, I haven't even looked at the printed map yet.

I noticed when I first started playing I had a tendency to follow every black icon that would pop up on the compass and I imagine I unlocked a lot of locations that way.

Later I tried tweaking the .ini file to disable the compass and I have been deriving a lot more enjoyment out of the exploration aspect of the game as a result. (And discovering far fewer locations, but it's a bit more rewarding this way.)

Originally Posted by Shepard_the_3rd View Post
I remember that in Fallout 3 there were some hidden locations. These would not show a marker on the compass. Just wondering if this also the case for some locations in Skyrim.
Yes, that would be the 200 "secondary" locations that do not have a marker.
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