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January 24th, 2012, 23:42
Originally Posted by Shepard_the_3rd View Post
To get 600 gamehours since the release you must have played this game for 8 hours per each day, every day.
But how places did you actually find?
I'm exaggerating, that's how I really have no idea how long I've played because I started with Steam in online mode for the first week, disabled it and played in offline mode until patch 1.3 was released and then turned offline mode back on since then. Every time you change modes, Steam starts over at 0 hours played. I've played 351 hours (I think) since 1.3 was released and I really don't want to know how many hours that averages out/day. How? No kids, a job that is 6 miles from my house, and an understanding wife! I should point out that if I take a 30 minute break for supper, etc. I don't shut down steam, so the hours aren't exactly spot on.

If you're truly curious, I could load saves and tell you how many locations each character found, but the overall total would be much, much higher but the game doesn't track that way, I don't believe.
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