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Default Oblivion Quests and Radiant AI grrrrrrrr

January 25th, 2012, 02:49
On my first play through years back I must not have done much questing outside of the main quest, because this Radiant Ai is driving me nuts. I had one quest that required me to "stake out" an area and after 2 hours of waiting and running around I found out that the person I was staking out was in Corrol while I was in Skingrad! The Radiant Ai had her visiting the other city??? On day 6 she came back and I finished the quest. Sort of begs 2 questions:
1. Why on earth did Bethesda set a quest to this person and set her behavior to roam like that? Ridiculous
2. I'm sort of impressed, but while realistic at the same time it seems like a design choice to frustrate the player.

Generically speaking, I'm getting tired of trying to hunt down quests givers on checking as they roam all over, up and down stair cases and even leaving the building. Again its neat, but frustrating!
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