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January 25th, 2012, 18:32
Just go past the first couple of bandit camps and you will see the shear scale and might of Gothic 3. Just looking at the huge and varied landscapes, trees and physics in Gothic 3 is a joy. Not to mention the good combat and magic systems. But you have to have patience, you will not be able to kill dragons and mine crawlers as quickly as you wish in the first few camps and areas, nor have plenty of money to increase your skill and armour - it takes time - but what a wonderful time.

Sorry I keep going about Gothic 3, but compared to todays rpgs and action/adventure games it is a real advance. The quests are somewhat repetitive sometimes, but it does not matter because there are surprises and new stories everywhere. The exploration alone is wonderful, helped just by a map and directions given by quest givers (not markers).

I played it with the latest community patch with medium settings and it looks great and have not had any single crash yet after 150 hours of play.
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