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January 26th, 2012, 08:40
This one gives me a bit of peace of mind at least:

The Gothic games have a reputation for brutal difficulty. Risen, too, was significantly more difficult than the average mainstream WRPG. Do you have any specific philosophy when it comes to difficulty in games?

BP: As we have always provided an open world, players who can't get past a certain point can usually go somewhere else first and return later, when they are stronger. That way we aim to create a balanced challenge for story players and explorers, but also those who focus on combat. In our opinion, a game only gets too difficult if the player is repeatedly frustrated and doesn't even get a reward for trying out different solutions. However, we do want to include different difficulty levels for players to choose from in Risen 2.
Still pretty nervous about them streamlining and removing quite a few of the series hallmark little touches. Still a day one buy…
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