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January 26th, 2012, 11:00
I check the Inquisitor page every few days and, every now and then, the official Facebook page - what I'd missed was a stream of comments and responses under some screens posted last August on that Facebook page. So, here's a selection of replies from "Inquisitor (RPG)" over a period of months that gives a much better sense of the situation. The last was January 18th, bringing us right up to date.
Last August, on the possibility of new things in the English version:
Unfortunately not. The original developers from Wooden Dragon went their separate ways a long time ago and so there is no one to add any new content to the game.
We'd previously heard that all the "in game" text had been translated but now it becomes clear there's a lot more to do - only one of the three class translations has actually been added to the game:
We still want to launch the English beta this October and if everything goes right the game should be released by the end of this year. The English translation is done already, all priest's texts are in the game, now we have to get paladin's and thief's texts into it as well. It is a bit complicated and lengthy due to the way the texts were translated, but it's nothing we won't handle:-)
Late October and other issues are getting in the way:
And we are glad to hear that. But I'm afraid that the English version won't be released this year after all - even though I promised that. The release of Gyro13 and server crash recovery took more time than I originally assumed and since the beta test (= check of English translation in the game) will need some time, I don't think there is a chance to make it all by the end of this year. At least it will give us time for other things (like to translate the Inquisitor prequel novel).
Someone suggests they release the game with the one class that is finished but that won't work:
As the original development team practically doesn't exist anymore, we can't do any changes in the programming code, so to release the game with one playable character only isn't really an option. Moreover, to release any part of the game in English, a thorough test is necessary to fine-tune the translation directly in the game. For that we need a web interface, as I assume, for testers to submit their corrections. And we still don't have that either. We have to wait for Lukas to find some time for that. Meanwhile, I've finished the Book of Armor and Weapons that is currently waiting for proofreading.
Early January now and they haven't actually progressed:
As far as the ingame text is concerned, there is no progress whatsoever. But we discussed it over… a few… glasses of beer with the guy that wrote the whole text in Czech and learned about what we should be careful about when transfering the translation of priest's texts to other characters. And as far as other texts go, the proofreading of the Book of Armor and Weapons should start soon and the Revelation of Ezekiel should be translated by the end of this week.
January 9th and we learn only one person is working on it, although again it isn't clear how much actually remains to do:
Well, yes, I'm the only one who is working on the translation, but it's the translation of "other" texts that is left to be done, the ingame text was translated quite some time ago and while I'm waiting for a programmer to prepare a system that would allow us to adapt the priest translation for paladin and thief, I'm making use of this time for the translation of some supporting texts (halfway through Codex Inquisitorium now).
January 18th and everyone who preordered should get a beta invite…eventually:
Yes, I assume that everyone who will have Inquisitor pre-ordered at the moment the beta is ready will receive an invitation to it.
More information.
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