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January 26th, 2012, 21:09
I must say, based on the info above, I'm less keen than I was before I like magic, and i like it to provide a viable path in the game - if this article is correct, it is really just there in a support role because you're a 'good little pirate and should be using a cutlass'. If the 3 elements outlined above for voodoo are 'it', that is indeed disappointing. Where is offensive magic (besides curses and debilitating effects)? And if you want voodoo, do you lose out on firearms? How are they going to justify your loss of 'regular' magical abilities, assuming you played as a mage before? Its like you're an entirely new character - well, if that is so, then they should developed this around some new 'nameless pirate' rather than the all conquering hero from Risen 1.

I'm not sure why they felt they had radically depart from the elements in Risen - time will tell whether they've miscalculated.
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