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January 28th, 2012, 03:30
Well, how did Bethesda/Zenimax pay you guys off with? Skyrim is CERTAINLY NOT an RPG of ANY sort. It's an action-adventure game period. There are no longer any skill checks at all, attributes have been removed ENTIRELY, leaving only what SHOULD be derived stats…

I'm ENTIRELY DISGUSTED by the SELLOUT guys. Oblivious was bad enough with it's disregard for skill checks, but at LEAST it kept the attributes in play which made to me an ARPG/first person melee game.

You guys have ENITRELY LOST your way as far as RPGs go. The primary directive IS game mechanics and HONORING them! NOT PANDERING to witless(edit]/clueless/moronic[/edit] fools who think clickity-clickity-click and NEVER FAILING UNLESS they FAIL their clickity-clickity-click is NOT an RPG AT ALL. BOTTOM line GUYS RPGs are their game mechanics and checks/FAILURES NOT clickity-clickity-click -> adventure game with MINIMAL "RPG" "features".

BTW: That pretentious idiot with his RPG scale is a freaking moron.

Christ! Even Bioware got the RPG mechanics part right for a while(until being swallowed by EA on their way to the usual EA acquirement/demise scenario)….
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