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January 28th, 2012, 20:05
The Ultima series may very well be the most important game franchise ever but only a hardcore fanboy could agree with all those reasons listed as to why. For instance, the series was in no way an MMO pioneer. There were quite a few graphical MMOs up and running years before work even started on UO including Meridian 59 which was the direct inspiration for the developers of Everquest, and it was EVERQUEST that every subsequent MMO tried to emulate to one extent or another not Ultima Online. Hell, the lead designer of Ultima Online even ended up working for Verant/SOE as Brad McQuaid's replacement on EQ. I could go on with all the other items but it's pointless arguing with fanboys. All he's got on his list I'd agree with is the open world (they weren't the first with that either but they did it best at least) and the morality system. Of course, when it comes to changing from the player deciding at character creation what morality they wanted their character to be D&D style to the character's morality changing on the fly based on the player's actions it's up for debate whether that's a good design decision or not, isn't it? Companies like Bethesda have made drastically altering the character's morality so trivial that most people go from one extreme t the other several times during a playthrough just to capitalize on morality benefits and reduce penalties. Why is that better than enforcing (disallowing or penalizing behavior that's not consistent with a character's personality) a morality selection made at character creation?
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