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January 29th, 2012, 02:02
Hell, the lead designer of Ultima Online even ended up working for Verant/SOE as Brad McQuaid's replacement on EQ
Actually, Raph Koster went to work for Verant to create Star Wars Galaxies… which was pretty much a spiritual sequel to Ultima Online. He ended up working on EQ2 after that and doing more stuff at Verant/SOE, but SWG was the game he actually *designed* while being there.

I would have prefered if MMOs had emulated UO instead of Everquest personally. The fact that MMOs basically all turned into powergaming grinding combat focused games instead of the virtual world approach of UO it what killed all interest in them to me

I think you're getting confused with 2.5d and 3d; also conflating 3d movement with representation of a pseudo 3d environment.
There were true 3D engines before Ultima Underworld actually, one of the most notable one was the Freescape engine which was used for quite a few game in the 16 Bit era and even had its own construction kit released (3D Construction Kit). It wasn't as advanced as what Underworld, but it was 3D and didn't just pretend to be.

I think Underworld was the first one which had *textured* 3D graphics though.

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