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January 29th, 2012, 12:09
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
Where is offensive magic (besides curses and debilitating effects)?
Yeah, it's gone. They are going for a mix and match character system this time around where you can choose from a few different combat styles and create your own custom build. Voodoo is one of the styles like dirty fighting that has more of a support character than being a fully fleshed out path.

And if you want voodoo, do you lose out on firearms?
Well, if you want to be really good with firearms and max your skill then you need to join the Inquisition. Since Voodoo magic is acquired from the Tonka (which is the other faction) it may very well be that firearms and Voodoo are mutually exclusive or at least you won't be able to become a master of both paths.

How are they going to justify your loss of 'regular' magical abilities, assuming you played as a mage before? Its like you're an entirely new character - well, if that is so, then they should developed this around some new 'nameless pirate' rather than the all conquering hero from Risen 1.
A few years have passed since Risen and our nameless hero has turned into a depressed alcoholic in the meantime. He is only a shadow of his former self when Risen 2 begins so that could be used as an explanation why he has unlearned it all.
I also hope that there is a good explanation for the disapperance of crystal magic in general, not just for why our hero has forgotten his past skills.
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