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January 29th, 2012, 16:17
"3D Graphics" in the computer industry is 3D modeling and rendering. Until the early to mid 1990s that was only done on (very powerful) computers for purposes of creating animations for movies and TV shows and it wasn't done in real time. the shots were assembled and recorded a frame at a time. What yoiu guys are talking about was called "vector graphics" in that it was an API library built into C language that allowed programmers to draw geometric shapes with API function calls, along with other operations such as floodfills, pattern fills, and bitmap(texture) fills. This was all done in code not by artists using 3D graphics packages. You could call vector graphics the conceptual forefather of modern 3D game programming but there's no direct relationship. As far as having to do it on a computer with very limited memory, that was the one really great thing about vector graphics vs raster graphics. Takes a lot less memory to draw a screen with filled polygons and lines/curves than it does to load full screen bitmaps and overlay animated bitmap sprites.
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