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January 29th, 2012, 17:38
Originally Posted by Sergorn View Post
Actually, Raph Koster went to work for Verant to create Star Wars Galaxies… which was pretty much a spiritual sequel to Ultima Online. He ended up working on EQ2 after that and doing more stuff at Verant/SOE, but SWG was the game he actually *designed* while being there.
I never said he designed EQ! I would never have even bothered with EQ if that were true

I don't think anyone really knows the full story of what happened with Brad McQuaid at Verant/SOE or what Raph Koster's roll was. There was a lot of rumor, speculation, innuendo and conflicting information being distributed at the time and it's never been cleared up. All I know is EQ started changing and not in a way that I liked, right when all that crap was going on, and Brad McQuaid left shortly thereafter. I blame Raph Koster mostly because I just don't like him

Originally Posted by Sergorn View Post
I would have prefered if MMOs had emulated UO instead of Everquest personally. The fact that MMOs basically all turned into powergaming grinding combat focused games instead of the virtual world approach of UO it what killed all interest in them to me
Virtual world? Were you drinking any coolaid while you were over Raph Koster's house? Anyway, I liked the top-down perspective of UO. I still prefer that in my RPGs and I probably always will because for me it gives games more of a tactical feel and as far as I'm concerned an RPG without tactical combat is not an RPG, it's an action game with stats and a persistent environment. There were some other things I liked about UO, but those were all things that came from the Ultima franchise. I don't think there's anything that came from Raph Koster that I liked, and his biggest problem as far as I can tell is that he's a stubborn design nazi who sticks to his own bizarre ideas no matter how hard people work at trying to explain how broken they are and how detrimental to enjoyable gameplay they are, and he won't change anything until he's about to get fired and that's usually right before the company he works for is about to go out of business.

But as I said, I don't like the guy. He was mean to me. He even chased me around dropping spawns on me once just because i called him a fat dumb bastard on usenet. So maybe I'm biased.
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