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January 29th, 2012, 23:38
Could be, yes. I was very tired this weekend and was there only for a relatively short time, I'm sorry.

The Sharn Syndicate in Sttormreach is toast now ! I'm through it - and the last quest in this series was a nice challenge !

I had forgot that there is an Epilogue to the Fresco quest - I had to ask Burgundy Tir again … I must correct myself that he doesn't give bad items as his rewards … He rather gives no-so-great items in his Epilogue ( when you hand him over this particular letter) … Which leads me to the Fresco stealing as well : I fdid the quest - and using trial & error as the method to find out … Well, Murphy's Law struck me with full force ! It was the LAST thing I had taken - and Daracaram had died I think 5 or 6 times before !

That was the worst thing. Apart from dying so many times, this quest was fun.

I did a few Coin LOrd favour quests on "hard" again, so I could get a bit more Coin Lord favour - and so I had additional inventory space even before finishing the Sharn quest chain !

And now I'm playing through the rest of the Catacombs quest chain.

After that I'll probably return to my Ranger for a while and redo the Sharn with him, too.

Besides, are Arcane Essences that hard to find ? Does anyone know why ? My magiacian has several powerful essences already - but none of the arcane type … The Ranger has not many of them as well …
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